Friday, 29 June 2012

Cake Glorious cake

MIAMI team meeting at Clare O's today and we've been admiring the birthday cake she's made for her god daughter's Hollywood style birthday party.

It's based on Nigella's Malteser cake and features Maltesers transformed into glitter balls. Looks scrummy - and in order to prevent us from stealing it, Clare has even made a jam and cream sponge for us to have. Can't wait

Clare F

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Friday, 1 June 2012

Britain has gone bunting mad!

Its official: the British love a bit of bunting and there’s nothing like a royal celebration to bring it out in full force.  Wherever you look in cities, towns, small hamlet or out in the wilds, there's bunting fluttering in the breeze.

It seems that bunting brings out the party animals in all of us and sums up our summer celebrations.  But don’t panic if you haven’t got your bunting out yet. There’s still time to make some.  It’s really easy and can be very cheap to make if you choose the right materials.You don’t have to buy fancy fabric and spend hours stitching it perfectly.  
The joy of bunting is that it's fun and free.  Just grab some tape and some old clothes and start cutting. 

You can use old clothes, shirts, sheets cut into triangles and sewn onto a strip of tape to make quick and easy bunting.

Better yet, you don’t even have to use fabric or a needle and cotton.  You can make fabulous bunting from old books, newspapers, even plastic bags stapled to a piece of tape – it really is that easy. 

Even good old salt dough can be turned into the party spirit.  You could make salt dough into flags, pennants, roses or even corgis if you felt like.  

So what are you making your bunting from?

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