Friday, 22 May 2009

Wanted! - your unwanted building materials

We've been asked to spread the word on this appeal for building materials by the producers of a new TV series

We’re making a brand new TV series for Discovery Real Time called ‘Tommy’s Fix Your House For Free’. Presented by Tommy Walsh and featuring reclamation expert Liam Collins, the idea behind the series is to help five families complete a building project at their home by providing all of the materials for the job. The key thing is that the materials they supply are either recycled, reclaimed or would otherwise have been thrown away.
It might be perfectly useable bricks that have been thrown in a skip or timber that is left over from another job. Perhaps a builders’ merchant has some end of line stock or bags of cement that have been damaged in transit, or maybe a tile factory experimented with a new design of tile, made a batch of 1000 and then decided not to market them.
Whatever the reason, Tommy and Liam are on hand to collect these materials and make sure they’re put to good use. If you or your company are based in London or the South East, have any such surplus materials and would be keen to be involved in the series we’d be very happy to film Tommy or Liam coming and collecting them."
Please Contact : Hayden King
Tel: 0207 7136868
Email :

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  1. I have a bunch of bricks scattered in my backyard. Those were excess materials from my cottage construction. Please send me a pm if you are interested. Thanks.