Thursday, 31 December 2009

A proper homemade Christmas!

I was given this gift for Christmas by my brother-in-law and I think it's the nicest present I received. He made it himself from an old fallen willow tree in their garden.

He commutes to London everyday - a 3 hour round trip on the train with a car trip to the station and a long walk or tube hop at the other end. He also has a pretty pressured job. The fact that he took the trouble to hole up in his shed with his tools and varnish to make this for me makes it a very special present indeed.

I asked on our facebook page who had been given handmade gifts and there was quite a response - although it seems more people made them than received them. Those who were lucky enough to be recipients of some homemade largesse certainly seemed to appreciate it. Here are some of the ideas:

  • A little Christmas bag with sweets and a tiny bottle of wine and home made mince pies. Brilliant!
  • Home made mince pies, gingerbread men and bath stuff. Lovely!
  • Vodka infused with Indian spices & bottled beautifully.
  • 2 jars of chutney...well done sis!
  • My stepdaughter bought a plain T-shirt for me and hand painted a beautiful kingfisher on it! Lovely.
  • My teenage son and daughter made myself and their dad promise books. One promise a month e.g our son promised that he would help his dad on the allotment in june and our daughter promised to cook all the meals for us (each weekend) through feb. So I'm a very lucky mum as I now have 24 different promises from my kids.
  • My friend Fiona knits ipod covers and I received one in a lovely mixed blue cotton.
  • My sister knitted me a lovely necklace, I crocheted her a scarf.
  • I got THE NEATEST pillow and stitch markers from friends.
  • Received fab earrings and made bath bombs, sachets and lavender pillows.
I used to be a bit embarassed about giving homemade gifts - would people think me a cheapskate? Being on the receiving end made me look at it very differently.

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Clare Flynn

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