Thursday, 10 June 2010

Don’t get your knicker elastic in a twist, but…

I'm sorry guys and gals, but I'm ranting again!  I know, I know…when aren’t I?  But this time I'm really fired up.  We've just heard that John Lewis are no longer selling ribbon by the metre, but only by the full roll.  Having had a quick look at their website it seems to be that the average roll is 3 metres. 

3 metres?  Come on! when was the last time that you wanted 3 metres of ribbon?  The average person probably will buy ½ a metre at a time…so what happens to the rest?  Think of the wastage.  I thought John Lewis prided themselves on their green credentials, but I'm afraid there's nothing green about this move.  It's purely down to them boosting their bottom line over environmental issues!  We expected more from John Lewis.

Come on all you Make and Menders – join us and demand your half-metre of ribbon rights. We used to have fantastic fabrics and haberdashery shops in London, but they're rapidly disappearing.  Don’t let the big companies price us out of Making and Mending.

Tell us what you think!

Thanks to our Twitter friend giornalista1 (Andrea Dean) for this info! If you're looking for us we'll be tied to the lamp-post outside John Lewis with the finest ribbons!



  1. I'm not from England but I do have in my stash ribbon on the spool, probably 3 miters or so on each. I use them to wrap presents, little girls' and their dolls' hair, identify gobblet style glasses, and a variety of things in sewing. Hope this helps with your extra ribbon that you are forced to buy.

  2. I'm not from England either -- Scotland though! I tried to buy 3.2 metres of upholstry fabric from DunElm Mills in Kirkcaldy the other day but they said they only sell by the half metre. I'd usually be out the door but liked the fabric so caved in this one time. When got home I wrote the head office. The people who make these rules clearly are not crafters or seamstresses.