Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fred makes some chutney

My nine year old nephew Fred loves cooking and wanted to try making jam or chutney. We decided to have a go at some apple chutney.

It's a really easy recipe - we put chopped cooking apples, onions, sultanas, sugar and a few raisins in the pan along with some mixed spice, paprika, ground coriander and malt vinegar and then let it simmer for a long time.

Fred wasn't too keen on the strong smell from the vinegar but enjoyed stirring the pot and checking for doneness - by dragging the spoon across the bottom of the pan - when it doesn't immediately fill up the channel it's ready.

Fred's looking forward to taking some home for his Mum and Dad.

Making jam and chutney is surprisingly easy and very satisfying. We have loads of recipes and tips on the main website as well as a handy download calendar to show you what you can do with fruit and veg each month. Making jams, pickles and preserves

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