Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Our first shoot

Hilary and I spent yesterday with the team from our publishers doing the first of several shoots for our new book, Make it and Mend it, which comes out in October.

We did it at Hilary's place, dashing between the greenhouse and summer house and freezing to death out in the snow. The team - Pru from the publishers, photographer Sian and her assistant Nick, were marvellous and very tolerant of the freezing cold weather. We did a few indoor shots but mostly decided to brave the elements.
As a point and clicker, I found it fascinating seeing all the care that goes into each shot, all the measurements and tests.

The next shoot is at my place and we'll be doing a day on cooking and a day on sewing stuff.

We're almost finished writing the final manuscript - due at the publishers next week. So exciting!

Clare Flynn

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