Thursday, 26 March 2009

Making fused plastic from old plastic carrier bags

Lots of you liked the piece we did recently on knitting bags from old plastic carrier bags. Well here is yet another way to use these bags instead of chucking them in the recycling.

It's making fused plastic - a process that requires only an iron, some plastic bags, a couple of sheets of grease-proof paper and a few minutes. You can use the fused plastic fabric to run up a laptop bag or even an attractive 'permanent' shopping bag. Check out this video from Threadbanger (we love this site) - it shows you how to fuse the plastic and then how to make a laptop bag with the fused plastic, some waste fabric scraps or old plastic carriers (for the padding) and an old sweatshirt (for the lining).See the video


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  2. Nice post, impressive! Do people prefer Plastic Hand Basket more than casual trolleys in these days?