Saturday, 21 March 2009

Help beat breast cancer in a recycled dress

Next month, the award-winning fashion design company Goodone launches an exclusive
black and white dress in support of the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The twist is that the dress is made from recycled 'Fashion Targets Breast Cancer' T-shirts. The dress, previewed at London Fashion Week, has bold black and white panels with overstitched details.

Goodone is an edgy sustainable design company, known for producing creative, one-off clothing from locally-sourced, recycled fabrics.

Each dress will be handmade in the Goodone studios and by social enterprise projects in South Africa and London.

Profits go to the social enterprises as well as a 30% donation to Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the UK’s leading charity for fighting breast cancer. The dress looks fab and very on trend so if you are buying rather than making buy this one!

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