Monday, 8 June 2009

How to be an Urban Homesteader

Someone sent us the link to the website today and we just love it. For a start there's the name. That delightful 'ish' on the end grants absolution to those of us would-be tree-huggers who somehow can't manage to go all the way in embracing The Good Life. Then there's the Welcome photo of Andy and Dave Hamilton, the brothers who established this wonderful guide to urban self-sufficiency. It's the way they are smiling so sweetly while brandishing a fork as if to ward off a Tesco buyer or an advancing flytipper - "One step closer and it's through your throat baby!"

The website is a wonderfully eclectic mix of recipes, tips for living on a budget, a very informative guide to buying your first sheep, and help with growing vegetables and foraging for wild food. They even run courses in foraging - very fortnight in the Bristol area, showing you how to forage, how to identify if a plant is poisonous or edible and lots of facts about wilde foods.

The pair have written a book The Sufficientish Bible. One of our Twitter followers says this is a cracking book - so we are going to get ourselves a copy.

So even if you're a townie, with the Selfsufficientish brothers to guide you, you too can become a foraging, veg-growing, Urban Homesteader. Let us know how you get on - but we advise you not to try the sheep in a one-bedroomed flat...

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