Saturday, 12 September 2009

Lakeland adds product demos

Little by little, lovely Lakeland seems to be improving how it markets itself online. It has at last added video to its website and now has a number of product demonstrations available. >> Here's the video section

As so many of their products are one-offs (and some even a bit bizarre - see my post of a few months ago >> Lakeland - Love it or hate it?) it makes eminent and overdue sense to exploit the medium of video. I just watched one for their Flame Grill and was tempted to order one on the spot. I think it was the sight of the bacon and eggs cooking - you don't get that in the catalogue!

While some of the Lakeland products seem indulgences more appropriate to the slightly barmy Innovations Catalogue, the bulk of their stuff is absolutely cracking - they seem to have the perfect tool for every job.

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