Saturday, 11 December 2010

Making Christmas cards

Well I finally got round to making my Christmas cards tonight. After loads of Saturday night trash telly it was quite restful sitting down on my one-woman assembly line to make up the cards.

As I didn't have much time and was a bit short on materials, I just painted a couple of very simple rather childish pictures of holly. Neither of them came out as I intended, but they'll have to do! - I also had a go at a pointsettia but it looked like a big fat blob so I gave up on that one! I then bunged them on the printer and made copies, trimmed them and stuck them on to card blanks with Pritt Stick - as I didn't want to gas myself with spray mount.

Even though they may not be very beautiful at least the recipients know they have been made with time and trouble, not just grabbed in a store.

For loads of ideas, instructions and videos for making Christmas cards - check out Clare O'Brien's posts on our website >> Hand made Christmas cards

Clare Flynn


  1. Clare - these are gorgeous! And I'm looking forward to my own personal copy, ClareO

  2. Clare - what are you going on about? '...simple rather childish pictures of holly...'

    They are GORGEOUS!!! And that's official!!! I'm well impressed :)

  3. Great idea to photo copy your design, will try that next year and save some time. loved your design :)

  4. These are beautiful Clare!