Friday, 7 January 2011

Clare F's New Year Resolutions

Listening to the radio today, I heard how one of the commonest new year resolutions this year is to spend more time with friends. The recession and the further belt-tightening we're told lies ahead, has caused a lot of us to start prioritising our personal relationships over our bank balances. Amen to that!

Hilary's requested each of us MIAMI founders write up our NYRs. I don't usually make NYRs - I find them a bit like a noose round my neck. But in the spirit of collaboration...

I'm afraid not all my plans for 2011 will burnish my MIAMI credentials - as first of all I want to replace my car. I'm going for a smaller cheaper, more fuel efficient model - but I know, being a Londoner, I should try and manage without one at all. But hell - nobody's perfect - least of all me - and i've come along way as a reformed petrol head.

My second confession is that I want to go to Australia this year - so adding some long haul travel to my planetary burden. But this is not just a frivolous holiday - I plan to do some work while I'm there, visit my brother's family and do some research for my novel. And it would be good to arrange a MIAMI meet-up while I'm there - so any Miami members in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane get in touch!

Right that's the confessions out of the way now - here's the other stuff:
  1. I'm going to re-join my weekly art class. Devoting a morning each week to water colour painting is a marvellous form of relaxation, and in my case a form of meditation. I've been really missing this weekly ritual.
  2. I'm going to spend the rest of the art class day either making things or getting inspiration from others by going to a gallery, to watch a film or visit a museum or garden.
  3. I'm going to finish my novel
  4. I'm going to finish my quilt
  5. Last but not least I'm going to make sure we get our first MIAMI book completed and on sale - watch this space!
Now that I've gone public on all that I'm jolly well going to have to deliver it. That's the trouble with NYRs - they hang over you like the Sword of Damocles!

If you need a bit of help keeping to your NYRs check out this website


  1. Awesome photo...
    A good capture of fireworks display...
    Good luck for your plans... :)