Monday, 24 January 2011

More from Maia! - silk painting

My ten year old neighbour Maia (see the piece below) called round again this evening to show me her latest handiwork - this time a delightful silk painting.

She told me that the piece of silk had to be stretched on a frame first. The dark lines that separate the colours in the painting are done with something I'd never heard of before called un gutta, which creates a barrier to prevent the colours running.

The overall effect is a bit like watercolour painting  and I'm sure you'll agree Maia has done a lovely job. She told me she also made a painted silk tie for her grandfather in Cyprus - as he grows olive trees she depicted an olive tree on the tie. I'll bet he was chuffed to bits with that!

Here's a close up of the painting - I think it has a feeling of Matisse about it!

I really like the effect of the silk painting and so plan to investigate this technique further when I get some time and do a how-to piece on the Make it and Mend it website.

Clare F

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  1. Maia - how beautiful! What a talented and patient little person you are :)
    I remember how much i used to love art and crafts at school when i was a little girl. I still do!
    I'll show you some crafty projects i'm working on when you come to Scotland. xxx