Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Charity fashion show of restyled clothes

At Make it and Mend it we are committed to reusing and refashioning our wardrobes and have already extolled the virtues of "Swishing" (holding parties to exchange clothes).

NOVO have come up with an innovative way of organizing a clothing drive for their community in Southern California. They have encouraged aspiring fashion designers to collaborate with the rest of the NOVO team in creating original clothing lines with donated clothes as an act of making the old, new. Their mission is to connect the Los Angeles community to a cause through clothing.

For the past 3 months, Jessica Chang and Ellen Chang have been collecting clothes from the community and on April 25th 2009 they have invited designers to come and create fashion lines from the donated clothes. These newly modelled clothes will be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds donated to organizations working to address local poverty. Any leftover clothes will be donated to local shelters and charitable organizations.

We love this idea and would like to hear of anyone sles doing something similar.

More about Novo
How to organise a Swishing party


  1. I am thinking of putting on a fashion show but do not want to be stuck with the clothes so who do your recommend to sell/ or auction off to

  2. Hi Carline,

    It really depends on what you want to get out of it. If your fashion show is for charity - an auction would be a great way to end the show and make more money. Or you could price them for the audience? But an auction is more exciting and likely to raise more for your charity.

    On the otherhand, you could sell on eBay or even through a local dress agency.

    And have you considered donating the clothes to, say, a school, college or amateur dramatic society for theatre performances?

    Hope some of this helps and good luck with your show - send us pictures!

  3. What a great idea!