Friday, 17 April 2009

Oiling the wheels of London Transport

Even the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson is embracing the MIAMI ethos and has invited tenders to the London Waste and Recycling Board for funds for recycling schemes.

One scheme being considered is ways of reusing waste cooking oil to keep London moving. Among the ideas are designing new Routemaster buses to run on waste oil, a car hire scheme with vehicles that use recycled fat, and "cooking oil stations" to refuel vehicles.

Recycling oil for fuel by filtering and treating it with chemicals to make biodiesel, usable in most diesel vehicles, is not a new idea. All catering oil from City Hall is recycled into biodiesel - about 1,000 litres a year. The Met converts 20,000 litres and Transport for London more than 2,000.

This latest project would extend recycling to oil that could be collected from restaurants and canteens.

Supporters of biodiesel say it improves air quality, cuts use of fossil fuels and stop drains getting blocked by old refuse.

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