Monday, 6 April 2009

Vintage clothes, buttons, magazines and royalty

Saturday saw us off to the Affordable Vintage Fair in Bethnal Green, where there was lots of inspiration for us make and menders. We bought some fabulous old buttons that will be perfect for perking up a shirt or trimming a cushion. Wait and see!

We also picked up a copy of My Home magazine (incorporating Wife and Home) from March 1960. What struck us at once was how in those days you could evidently make a decent living as a graphic artist. There was a wealth of illustrations across both the editorial and particularly the ads. What a shame it's so rare to see illustration these days, especially in advertising. But times have changed: although with the global economic collapse the headline "£4315 for you at age 55" does not seem quite the laughable pension offer it would have done a couple of years ago.

I'll upload some visuals onto the Make it and Mend it website: but somehow I don't think we'll be getting too many offers for the knitting pattern for the bright yellow 'His and Hers' polo neck sweaters!

We also met Lena and Tara from Queens of Vintage. They were doing a roaring trade in free vintage style hair and makeup sessions. Check out their website - there's some great inspiration for vintage fashion lovers.

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