Thursday, 16 July 2009

Blooming bras and pants

It seems that our ideas for unusual plant containers have been taken up in the most influential circles – the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) no less.

A little while ago we wrote on our website about turning bras into unusual plant containers (see link below).

Now the RHS has created the ‘Hanging Bra-sket’ as part of its drive to encourage sustainable gardening and food growing. (The bras were apparently donated by ‘enthusiastic gardeners’ and Marks & Spencer.)

They have since upped the ante and come up with ‘plant pants’ which are, yes, you guessed it, pants with plants in and what we’ve christened ‘window boxers’. (Think horticulture’s answer to Linford Christie.) The RHS has gone for a combination of blooms and veggies. Something for the lunch box, so to speak.

The containers were on display at the recent Hampton Court Flower Show.

>> Watch a video about the RHS bra-skets and plant pants

>> See our orginal bra container article - as well as lots of other ideas for creative containers

According to Georgie Webb of the RHS: “Due to their conical shape, bras are ideal containers for turning into hanging baskets, and if you sew two together, you have what is best described as a ‘hanging bra-sket’.

“Once filled with compost you can grow salad leaves, herbs, alpine strawberries and even tumbling cherry tomatoes in them; the bigger the bra the more you can grow. But the serious message behind the ‘bra-skets’ is that you do not need a lot of space or even a lot of money to start growing your own food – just a bit of imagination.”

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