Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Cash in the Attic (and Twitter too)

Just read about the soon to be opened Townhouse Hotel in Maastricht Holland.

The people running this certainly have a creative approach (and a canny knack for publicity). As well as offering inhouse communications via Twitter, they have actually furnished the hotel make it and mend it style.

How so?

They put out a request to their neighbours and fellow townsfolk to sell them antique furniture and nick-nacks to furnish the new hotel. They wanted chairs, tables, ceramics, art, and all mannner of 'stuff' including boardgames. The underlying concept for the place is "style, sex and soup" (stijl, sexen, soupe) meaning design, attraction and authenticity.

As a result, they now have a hotel kitted out nostalgically in interesting antiques and curios at a fraction of the price and effort it would have taken otherwise, as well as pre-publicising the hotel into the bargain.

As for the townsfolk, they've got their old unwanted gear off their hands, knowing that it will get years of good use, enjoyed by the guests - and they'll have made a bit of cash into the bargain. Pretty damn good, eh?

>> The hotel website - they're taking bookings
>> The hotel Twitter page - they post frequent videos and photos from their Flickr stream of exciting things such as the installation of the broadband cables and the wiring of the ceilings!

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