Sunday, 19 July 2009

Digging for Victory....again!

Wouldn’t you just know it…No.10 Downing Street have started their own vegetable garden! Apparently the first harvest from their veg patch has just started to appear on the menu of the No.10 staff canteen and staff are also allowed to buy fresh vegetables to take home. Apparently they are little pricey at £1.98 for a lettuce, but as one official said
How many people can say that their salad comes direct from the Prime Minister’s back garden?”

The Browns aren't digging for victory themselves (the patch is actually tended by staff from the Royal Parks Agency), but they are said to take a ‘keen interest’ in how their vegetables are doing (well they would say that wouldn’t they!) and staff are encouraged to post photos of their produce on the No. 10 website or their No 10 Veg Flickr gallery.

The Prime Minister is allegedly very keen to show off his patch to the ‘all party gardening group’ and is hoping to encourage others people to try their hand at growing their own vegetables.

Admittedly it is unlikely that people will jump on the bandwagon of growing their own organic veg just so they can be like the Browns (There aren’t many people I know that are desperate to emulate our Gordon), but it is at least raising awareness and getting the message into our newspapers.

So whether this is just a desperate attempt to keep up with the Obamas (and the Queen) or a cynical ploy to endear themselves to the voters, let’s give them points for at least trying and for getting veg onto the political agenda for the first time since our wartime efforts of Digging for Victory.

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