Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lavender blue dilly dilly

I've decided to make some lavender bags for Christmas (I'll be sharing the how on the website shortly) so I've just been out to harvest the crop.

I've got a couple of different varieties and they have progressed at different levels so some flowers are already starting to dry out. Apparently they lose some of the esssential oils if you leave them outside too long - but I think across the lot I've got it will probably average out.

I pulled off the foliage at the bottom and gathered them into two bundles, securing them with elastic bands. I'm a first timer at this so if I've done this wrong please tell me people! I don't want to lead anyone else astray and so many of you are so expert at this stuff.

I've bunged my bundles inside the cupboard where the immersion heater and boiler live as that should help the drying process and it's also out of the light, although not completely dark. I'm planning to leave the bunches there for a couple of weeks and then we'll see how they go. I'd love to hang them from the rafters only I don't have any rafters (well apart from in the roof space - but as the builders are up there converting it into a loft room I don't think that would be a good idea!)

On the main website we have some lovely recipes for lavender biscuits and lavender ice cream.

and how to make quick and easy ten minute lavender bags

Clare F


  1. ah i love lavender bags, it is best to hang them upside down so all the essential oils go to the flowers. i bundle mine up and put them in a paper envelope to catch any loose flowers and block out light. this year my lavender flowers once dried, god the scent blew me away, it's so satisfying as they don't take too long to dry. good luck.....

  2. Thanks for the tip - I'll put them in a paper bag and hang them - they were resting on top of a bin bag!

  3. I put mine into a pillow case to dry hanging in my hall way house smells amazing and now on to the lavender bags...