Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ready for quilting

I've just  bought my first set of fat quarters!

If you'd asked me a few weeks ago I wouldn't have known a fat quarter from a thin cent! In fact it turns out it is a standard measure for a piece of material for quilting - based on cutting a yard of cloth into  quarters - which works out as approximately 18 by 22 inches.

I have bought ten of these pieces and here's my stash.

I'm planning to make a sampler quilt, which means incorporating a series of different square blocks of quilting each in a different pattern. Hilary is going to be my "quilting mummy" to get me started and mentor me through the process. As I progress, we'll share Hilary's templates for the blocks I'm making and will pass on Hilary's top tips on our main MIAMI website

If you want to join me please leave a message  on the forum -  to ask any queries and share advice as well as posting pictures of your own quilts.

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Clare F


  1. Unfortunately, I'm a hoarder - I don't have any fat quarters but I do have a stash of material, either left over from dressmaking projects or the good bits from old clothes which I can't bring myself to part with. I intend one day to get round to piecing these together for something, though I'm not sure what. I'm hoping by joining in your blog I'll find the incentive to actually use some of these bits - instead of just collecting them.

  2. I have recently had the desire to do some patchwork quilting, mostly just sewing square together: just don't where to start, as I have only used a sewing machine at school, about 30 years ago, can anyone advise??

  3. I'm starting this week and we'll be sharing patterns and tips so hope to be able to help you. Watch this space and the main website.

  4. BY the way Anonymous -you don't need a machine - I'm doing mine entirely by hand - not as bad as it sounds as it's all in running stitch
    Clare F