Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day one of the Slow Cooker Challenge - Apple Sauce cake

Day one of the slow cooker challenge - Apple Sauce cake

Day one and here I am alone with an alien kitchen utensil – what to do first?  A quick cursory glance at the instructions and I am off and running in my bid to make an apple sauce cake

Make a cake in a kitchen utensil? You must be joking I said.  But that is exactly what I have done today.  Using this great recipe we found in an old cookbook, I have made a really delicious cake.  The lovely thing about making this cake in the slow cooker was that not only was it really moist, but when I got home from work, the kitchen was filled with the most amazing smell of cinnamon and apples. This was my first attempt at cooking with the slow cooker and aesthetically my cake did leave a bit to be desired, but it still tasted amazing.

I have to admit I wasn’t completely sure what I was meant to be doing, but this machine is so easy to use. I am sure there are things I could do differently and there must be little tricks that would make it even easier to use, but on the whole this was a doddle. I had a look at various recipes to see how you should cook a cake and some said to put the mixture into a cake tin and then into the slow cooker and others said to just put the mixture straight into ceramic container.  Not being one for washing up I went with the latter option.  The cake was great, but I am not sure what the difference would be if I had used the other cake tin, but I was delighted with the result….Do tell me if you know what the difference is.

 So all in all a great result for day one!

>> Click here for Apple Sauce Cake recipe

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  1. I often make cakes in my slowcooker but I always put 2 or 3 sheets of kitchen paper across the top of the dish, under the lid, to absorb any moisture from the steam that collects on the lid.