Monday, 29 November 2010

The Slow Cooker Challenge

So there we go…a week of slow cooker meals complete. 
How did I fare?  Am I a convert?  Scarily enough I have to admit that I am and I have had some definite successes that I would definitely repeat.  Some recipes were better than others, but that was probably more the fault of the chef rather than the cooker!

My favourite meals had to be the lamb shanks, the BBQ spare ribs and the rice pudding.  These dishes were amazing.  The rice pudding was rich, creamy and delicious.  The meat dishes were incredible. The slow cooking meant that the meat literally fell off the bone and they were so easy to make.  It was fabulous coming home to these incredible dishes that looked like I'd spent all day slaving over a hot oven.

If I had one criticism I'd have to say that this is an appliance for organised souls.  Those of you who know me, know that this isn't a word that's usually used to describe me.  I'm not somebody who's good at getting up and being organised enough to know what I'm going to eat that evening. Frankly I'm lucky if I know what I'm going to have for breakfast let alone prepare a meal for the evening. But having said that, I'd definitely use a slow cooker for cooking cuts of meat like ribs and shanks again.  My kids thought they were amazing and even thought I was a good cook!

So thoughts overall?  It's a brilliant appliance that makes deliciously easy home cooked meals and is well worth having in your kitchen!

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