Thursday, 18 November 2010

Day Two of the Slow Cooker Challenge – Vegetable Soup

Ok day two and I have decided to go for some cheap and cheerful vegetable soup. 
This was simplicity personified.  I only had to assemble the veg, cut them up, add a bit of stock and throw them in the cooker.  By the time I came home this evening my kitchen was filled with delicious aroma of Vegetable soup. 

So how did I rate it?  With regard to the recipe, if I made it again I probably wouldn’t bother with adding any flour as I think it made a little thick for my liking and possibly unnecessarily added a bit of fuss, also as I had already included potatoes it did seem a little bit of overkill, but having said that it did taste delicious.
As for the slow cooker, it worked brilliantly.  As an AGA user I am also sticking food in the slow oven to cook and this matched up really well.

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