Sunday, 21 November 2010

Day Three of the Slow Cooker Challenge - Rice Pudding

Today I woke up to a thick frost and an even thicker fog, so what better way to ward of all those chills than a delicious slow cooked rice pudding…and this one was delicious. 

All I did was measure the ingredients out and throw them in the cooker.  I have to admit that it did take a bit longer than the recipe said, but it was well worth the wait.   The extra slow cooking made it really rich and creamy – a definite hit.

Downside you don’t get that lovely brown skin, upside you don’t get that horrible brown skin.
One man’s meat is another man’s poison, but if you do like a bit of skin, you can take the lid off and get an anaemic version.  Not terribly aesthetically pleasing, but still tastes great.

Roll on the spare ribs tomorrow!


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  1. I got a slow cooker for my birthday last year and I've found that the two things it makes best, far better than any other method in fact, are stock and curry.
    Meat or veg stock: bones, veg, the works, seasoning, boiling water = fabulous rich stock once all the bits are strained out. This stock in turn makes wonderful soup, which you can also do in the slow cooker.